Who Should Attend ?

Vendors, Suppliers, Distributors or other organization who are doing businesses in supply and provide high-quality products and services such as machinery, electrical/electronic equipment, rotating machines, industrial control systems, instruments, valves and other important assets of production facilities.

  • Service Managers/Engineers – Project Managers/Engineers
  • Tech. Support Managers/Engineers
  • Procurement Leader/Staff – Other front line engineers


How to win customers back after a negative experience

Successful service recovery is a huge driver of customer retention, new customer acquisition, and brand awareness. Building a process for service recovery can increase the impact of future business.

Online Course and discussion will be facilitated by :

Dr.Ir. Ichsan Gaffar, MM, CPM (Asia) researcher, practioner and training facilitator. He has over 37 years experiences in the field of marketing/business development and management, service operation, production operation, project management and HR


Online Course will cover :

  • Introduction to Service Recovery
  • Complaints & Dissatisfied Customers
  • Process of Recovery Response
  • Preventing for future
  • Escalation within organization